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                              Service hotline:

                              (86)769 88857188


                              ABOUT US

                              EASTOP · ABOUT US

                              Production of single-sided? double-sided circuit boards

                              Dongguan EASTOP Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a Hong Kong-funded enterprise specializing in manufacturing single and double-sided circuit boards. In October 1995, it began to join the PCB industry manufacturing. The correct management policy has enabled the factory to grow healthily and rapidly. Covering an area of more than 13,000 square meters, it is located in Zhupingsha Industrial Zone at the exit of Wangniudun Town, Guangshen Expressway, Dongguan City, which is superior in terrain and convenient transportation. It is a 10-minute drive from Dongguan West High-speed Railway Station.


                              EASTOP · PRODUCTS

                              With mature technology and core technology, high-quality products are favored by users

                              Focus on circuit board manufacturers for many years ? ?hotline:(86)769 88857188

                              Production ability? ??Build industry brand? ??01

                              A Hong Kong-funded enterprise specializing in manufacturing single and double-sided circuit boards. Began to join the PCB line in October 1995

                              The correct management policy makes the factory grow up healthily and rapidly

                              Sold at home and abroad? ??Quality meets standards?? ?02

                              Passed the ISO9001; 2000 certification, and has always maintained the certificate valid. In 2002, passed the UL certification (E226038); since April 2011, it has successively applied for CQC product certification and obtained relevant certificates

                              03 ? ?Senior engineer team?? Years of rich experience

                              The company is people-oriented, pays attention to talents, and constantly introduces high-level talents to strengthen the internal management of the company and improve the establishment of the corporate brand, forming a technology research and development team with first-class innovation and competitiveness

                              04 ? ?Advanced equipment? Guarantee product quality

                              There are more than 100 machines and equipment, including one imported PCB automatic printing line; 6 plate grinding machines; 2 etching machines; 18 screen printing machines; 5 exposure machines; 6 punching machines; 2 automatic through-hole machines; automatic V -CUT3 sets etc...

                              ? ??? ??Strictly control the process flow? ??Consistent quality?? ?05

                              Each production process is equipped with professional quality inspectors to strictly control product quality. Any unqualified quality will not be allowed to leave the factory.

                              ? ??? ??After-sales service? ??Make service more efficient?? ?06

                              Professional after-sales service team, timely and accurate troubleshooting of machine failures, EASTOP?electronic products give customers no worries

                              Choose our 6 advantages

                              EASTOP · APPLICATION

                              The company also continuously invests in advanced equipment, introduces advanced technology, and constantly strengthens management to improve the company's reputation and enhance customer trust. The purpose is to provide customers with first-class quality, punctual delivery, and reasonable price products and services.














                              Question Answer

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                              Dongguan EASTOP Electronics Co.,Ltd.

                              Copyright ? all Rights Reserved?Dongguan EASTOP

                              Electronics Co.,Ltd.

                              ICP:2020080888? ? ?Technical support:www.xiaohu888.com

                              Tell:0769-88857188 ? 0769-88857288




                              QR CODE

                              No.7 jinsha Road, Zhupingsha Industrial Zone,

                              Wangniudun Town, Dongguan City


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